3 thoughts on “DSC_0476

  1. hi I just bought a multicoloured fingering yarn ( shades of purple, buy and seagreen) to make a shawl. Do you think your design chukor the Second will look effective with a multicoloured yarn? have you tried your designs on multicoloured yarns

    • Hi JR,

      I personally prefer to knit lace patterns in either solid or semi-solid colors or colorways with relatively subtle variegation (unless it’s an all-over textured pattern or a mesh or something designed specifically for variegated colorways). Heavily variegated yarns obscure intricate stitch patterns. So while something like Timtim will look nice in variegated colorways, most of my other lace patterns will probably pair better with solids or semi-solids.

      I have, however, seen gradient yarn being used to great effect for the first Chaukor.

      As with all color decisions, it’s ultimately a matter of personal opinion 🙂

      Edited to elaborate

  2. Thank you for your prompt response. I agree about solid colors brining out the intricacy of the pattern. I have been trying a few lacy stitch as samples with this yarn. The yarn is a mix of alpaca, silk and nylon so it has a slight sheen. Might just keep it simple to bring out the colours . Appreciate your effort.

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