Pattern List

Crescent-shaped Scarves and Shawls:


Scarf Patterns:

Cowl Patterns:
Three-color Slipped-stitch Cowl

Shawl / Wrap Patterns:

Chaukor The Second
Leher (rectangular shawl)
Ujaala (rectangular shawl)
Bahaar (stole)
Jhumka (stole)
Chaukor (textured lace stole)
Lachak (open lace shawl)



16 thoughts on “Pattern List

  1. These are beautiful, and I’m going to make one of them to wear at my daughter’s wedding…..just have to decide. Thank you!

  2. Hi Sandhya, I’ve just purchased your beautiful Lachak shawl and I wanted to thank you. Your designs are gorgeous & I’m sure they’ll also be enjoyable to knit. You are very generous to make so many available for free, and because of your generosity I was pleased to buy Lachak to say ‘Thank you’ and to help support your great talent. Neither should not go unrewarded. Many thanks.

  3. Are you still knitting? I see that you haven’t posted anything on your blog for almost a year. I hope all is OK and you’re just busy with things!

    • Hi Raquel,

      Thank you so much for asking! All is well 🙂 🙂

      I’m still knitting, and still designing, but there’s been no activity on the blog because most of my recent design work has been for magazines or other third-party publications.

      You’ll find links to the newer designs here:

      I’m also planning to post something new on the blog soon.

      Thanks again! Happy knitting 🙂

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